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  Name: Mint
Thai Name: Bai Ho Ra Pa
Description: Thai basil has lush, deep green leaves, purplish flower buds and stems and carries anise overtones to its sweet basil scent. It is added by the big handfuls in whole leaves, to green and red curries and spicy stir-fried dishes; sprigs of it regularly appear with other herbs on vegetable platters to be nibbled on with spicy salads and chilli dips. The flower buds are also edible, adding a wonderful floral bouquet.
Name: Thai Sugar Peas
Thai Name: Tua Lan Tao
Description: You eat these whole, pod and all. They're often stir-fried very briefly (no more than a minute), but they're also good raw. They're easy to prepare, just wash and trim the ends. Some people string them as well, but that's not necessary. Select crisp, flat sugar peas that snap when you break them.
  Name: Thai Birdseye Chillies
Thai Name: Prik Khi Nu Suan
Description: These very small Chilies are also known as Birdseye chilli peppers, these are smaller than the other Prik Ki-Nu and are the strongest variety used in Thai cuisine. They are mainly used in Thai soups, curries and stir-fries.
Name: Sour Tamarind
Thai Name: Ma Kham Sod
Description: The large pods contain small seeds and a sour-sweet pulp, that when dried, becomes extremely sour. Tamarind pulp concentrate is popular as a flavouring agent in East Indian and Middle Eastern cuisines, much like lemon juice is in Western culture. It seasons full-flavoured foods such as chutneys, curry dishes, and pickled fish. It is an important ingredient in Thai cooking, and is available as a bottled puree, crystals or a pulpy solid that has to be soaked, kneaded and seeded.
  Name: Holy Basil
Thai Name: Bai Kra Pao
Description: Krapao have a blue-ish tinge, and its flavor is musky and contains a hint of mint. It has green stalks and a less intense flavor, is normally used with seafood and fish and used in stir-fries especially hot and spicy ones.
Name: Thai Chillies
Thai Name: Prik Khi Nu
Description: Also known as Birdseye chilli peppers, these are small and one of the strongest varieties available. Used in many Thai soups and curries.
  Name: Asparagus
Thai Name: Nor Mai Fa Rang)
Description: Asparagus are long, slender vegetables that grow as shoots in spring and early summer. The straight, firm stalks, which range from pencil thin to as thick as your thumb, are prized for their delicate flavor; the tender tips have a particularly delicate flavor and texture. The most common variety is green and sometimes tinged with purple at the bud. Trim the stalks before using. Cut or snap off the tough ends and discard. If desired, peel the bottom third or half of each stalk with a vegetable peeler for a more tender texture.
Name: Chive flower
Thai Name: Dok Kui Chai
Description: Chive Flowers (Dok Kui Chai) are the flowering tips of chives and are used in stir-fries.
  Name: Thai Tomato
Thai Name: Ma Kheua Tet
Description: This type of tomato is small, round fruits, not much bigger than a pea, which grow in clusters and have a sweet and sour taste. These are used in Northern and North-eastern dishes.
Name: Thai Broccoli
Thai Name: Pak Ka Na
Description: A dark green vegetable with strong, thin, long round trunks, soft, deep green delicate leaves, and sometimes tiny white flowers. It does not look like or taste like the common broccoli. It has a slightly sweet and bitter taste. Delicious stir-fried, steamed, or boiled but never eaten raw. Unlike regular broccoli, the stems are usually tender and do not need to be peeled. However, more mature or larger stalks should be peeled before cooking.
  Name: Water Mimosa
Thai Name: Pak Kra Ched
Description: Water Mimosa is a popular Thai vegetable that is most often cooked in spicy salads or fried with meats. It is particularly delicious in Gaeng Som soup.
Name: Thai Parsley
Thai Name: Pak Chee Fa Rang
Description: Also known as the saw tooth herb, this takes its name from the appearance of the leaves, which are long, slender and serrated. The herb has a similar but rather more pungent flavour than the coriander leaf. Saw leaf herb is used as a flavouring for meat dishes.
  Name: Thai Pumpkin
Thai Name: Fuk Tong
Description: Thai Pumpkins are large, round winter squashes with Dark Green or Brown-Grey skins and orange flesh. The variety known as the sugar pumpkin has sweet flesh. In Thai cooking, it is commonly used in dessert but is also used in savoury dishes. Canned pumpkin puree is widely available and can easily be made from fresh pumpkin.
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