CK Interbiz Co.,Ltd. is one of Thailand leading manufacturers and exporters of tropical fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The company's main target markets are America, Europe, and Asia. The company emphasizes freshness and quality in all its products, as well as on-time delivery whether shipments are made via airfreight or seafreight.
      CK Interbiz Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing top-quality produce for its customers, we attentively select only fresh raw materials and pay great attention to every stage of the production process. We carefully select high quality fruits, and organic and non-organic vegetables from reliable agriculturists, clean and attentively pack them to keep top condition until our customers' hands. We have our own farm and warehouses located in major fruit cultivation areas to store our produce before cleaning, packing and shipping, guaranteeing the freshest possible produce, all come in a finely designed package. Basically, our packaging is designed for a wholesalers. However, customers can request for any retailed packing.
      CK Interbiz Co.,Ltd.'s Key to success is a honest bussiness. CK Interbiz Co.,Ltd. is a TrustPass member of ALIBABA.COM since 2005. We have been authenticated and verified by Asian Company Profiles Ltd. (ACP). To verified us, please follow this link,
      CK Interbiz Co.,Ltd. welcomes any customer orders. We are ready to be your supplier.
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